Matthew Preston at Holkham Hall before a Rachmaninoff Concert



F E A T U R E D   R E V I E W S

"What do Coldplay, Rachmaninoff and a small boy with a piano keyboard tie have in common? They were brought together by 'The Missing Coda' aka Matthew Preston and Benjamin Howell, whose concert on Friday 6th March 2020 in The Matings Kiln Room gave such joy to their audience. We were entertained by the sheer dexterity of their four hands on the keyboard. There was even another pair of hands when one of their pupils joined them briefly. And local musician Frances Purchas was honoured to have their unique rendition of 'Happy Birthday' dedicated to her! Oh, yes... the small boy had travelled three hours to get to the concert!" - Joolz Saunders, 2020

Missing Coda at Maltings.JPG

"Matthew is an excellent communicator both through his music and his interaction with the audience at the recital in Snettisham church on October 27, 2018. There is no doubt he has a great piano technique and his choice of music demonstrated that well. The Haydn sonata was a good introduction to his style. Crisp clean late 18th century piano music with a little hint of what was to come with more emotional Beethoven. The Janacek showed great contrast between the folk element and change in timing and Matthew made us think of the Debussy to come which he played with great aplomb and sensitivity. Rachmaninov’s preludes are a pianist’s nightmare but there is no doubt the challenge to technique did not worry Matthew. I much enjoyed his interpretation but look forward to hearing it again in 10 years’ time, with some more life experiences under his belt. A fine, gifted pianist who we are privileged to have amongst us here in North Norfolk. We look forward to a return visit soon!" - Marian Abramovich, 2018

"His interpretation of the Rachmaninoff Preludes showed a real understanding of the passion which is the essence of this composer’s music." - Constance Tyce, 2016

"Matthew gave us light and shade, rich harmony and virtuosity that served, but did not dominate, the music." - David Saunders, 2015