BMPS 'We Will Fight You' Click Track Download

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Please click Download Single to download the mp3 click track

Mr Preston and Mr Howell, also known as The Missing Coda, are giving YOU the opportunity to be involved in a music video - from your very homes! Please follow the steps below. If you haven't seen our introductory video about the project, please go to the following YouTube link:

Here are the SEVEN steps you need to take to be involved: 

STEP 1 - Ask your parents or carers if it's okay to take part.

STEP 2 - Create a percussive sound in your house. What is a percussive sound? A percussive sound is created when you hit something, but not someone. Here are some ideas:

a) A saucepan and wooden spoon

b) A book

c) A chair

d) NOT a teddy bear (naughty Mr. Blobby)

STEP 3 - Have a go at playing the rhythm from ‘We Will Rock You’ with your chosen item.

STEP 4 - Download the click track by clicking the 'Download Single' button on the screen. If you have any trouble downloading the click track please send an email to the contact below.


STEP 5 - Practice the ‘We Will Rock You’ rhythm with the click track in the background. It would be best to use headphones so you only hear your percussive sound on the recording. You could also have the click track playing softly in the background without headphones, as long as you keep to the beat.

STEP 6 - Ask a family member to video record you playing. You can film in either landscape or portrait on your device with a maximum video time of 20 seconds.

STEP 7 - Email your video to with your name and year group... and then we will do the rest!

Take care, and stay safe!

Your friends,

The Missing Coda (Mr Preston and Mr Howell)